Living in Chicago has been a great experience for Nicole and I. It’s been cool to get to know the city, and be in a very busy place. It’s very multi-culturally diverse so you get to experience a lot of things that you would not usually get to experience. Living here has been good but we both know we are city folk. Nicole has a harder time with it then I do, but sometimes I feel it as well. Nicole has been working very hard ever since we moved in to Chicago. Everything from setting up the apartment to finding a job, she has been hard at work. Without her attitude and work ethic I would not be able to study at Moody. God gave me the perfect person. Everyday I know I am loved and respected because how hard she works and takes care of me. To be able to go to class or work and not have to worry about Nicole breaking down or not getting out of bed is a blessing that I would not want to trade for the world. Nicole get’s up every morning before to workout and get ready for the day. She usually has time to come back to me and snuggle. One of the my favorite things is when she comes back. Then she heads off to Starbucks. She likes it, but it’s tough. We are never not looking for another job for her, but she is still faithful and hard working to that job. She make the most out of it, and tries to find a lot of positive. It’s difficult to work with people that don’t really work, and don’t really care what they might do it front of customers. I usually head to work a bit after her. I was able to find a job in the Campus Post Office,C-PO, as a mail clerk, the day after we moved in. It’s a great job for me because I can go and work anytime I want between 8 and 4 everyday. All the guys are great there, but the older lady’s that work there are rough and really hard to please and get along with. Friday is an awesome day because they do not work so it is just all guys working. I love Friday, not because it’s the last day before the weekend, because I can work that day in peace and it is always fun with just the guys. It’s a highlight of my week to be able to work on Friday. A couple Friday’s I skipped all my classes just so I could work the whole day on Friday.

As I write this I look over at her sitting on the couch writing in the journal that I got her on our honey moon. These past five months have gone by quickly. There has been some hard times, but a lot of has been good. Just being able to spend time together is one thing that we love. Before the wedding we practically were apart for each for the whole engagement. Being able to have the summer together was a very awesome and wonderful time. We had a lot of time together, but it was relaxing time together, before we moved to Chicago. I know for me it sometimes feels like we have been married for a long time, but for girls it’s different. I have to really remember that we have only been married 5 months, and that I am guy and have different needs then her.

As we sit here, we are waiting for my parents to arrive. I am excited to see them especially because I have not seen them since the summer. My dad and mom are very busy people but yet they still live a well balanced life with all of us kids. They are proactive at coming to see us even if we are not able to make it there way. Nicole and I moved to Chicago by faith that God would provide us with jobs which He has. We are still in the building and saving mode so we don’t have a lot of money to spend. My parents have been through a lot with all of us kids, but yet they are still solid as a rock.

With being newly wed, and new to the city of Chicago, we have not made a lot of friends. We have not been very proactive but to be honest we are totally OK with that. We want to spend a lot time together and we like it. And with both of us either working or going to class our evenings become very precious to us. We make time for my brother Travis, and his girlfriend Anne, because we want to make time for them and love being with them. We also meet with them for accountability every week.  Travis and I have a very strong relationship, and we both wanted to keep that going. We also meet once a week to talk about life and whatever might be going on in our lives. Nicole and I would rather spend time with them then anyone else here. Nicole and I both have been able to establish friendships with people at our work places. I am unsure of the girls names that she has befriended, but I know they get along great, and with her work ethic she has a great influence to the people around the. I have been able to befriend about 6 guys at work, and we hope to go and play paintball together in December. Aaron is married and a student and lives on our floor with his wife, Rachel, who also is a student. Rick works in C-PO full time, but is a part-time student and is engaged to get married in December. Sammy works full time, and has a wife and 2 kids who are home schooled. When he met me, it reaffirmed him that home schooling was the right choice, I do not know why lol. Tony works full time, and he is awesome guy to talk to about politics. Thomas who works in the copy center, is married and has two kids. He is also a pastor and looking to go back to India where he from and plant a church there. And Victor, who is married, works full time in C-PO and has been working there a long time is great. He is older then all of us but we love him.

We have been able to find a Church that we enjoy. It is also the same Church that Travis and Anne go to as well. It’s over in Oak park so a little bit of a drive but we really like that part of the city. We have been thinking about moving there but we don’t know if it would be worth it. We like Jenkins, but just being in the heart of the city is another thing. Oak park has a small town feel, and we really enjoy spending time there. So a move could happen but not much thought has been put into what it would be like or if it would save us any money.

So, in short it’s a little update on how life has changed for Nicole and I. We are unsure where we want to end up as God continues to lead us. I am wanting to pursue a Masters degree in teaching to be able to teach in the Christian school system. I have a burden for Christian school, with having a lot of friends that attended Christians schools, but have now walked away from the Lord. In this day and age, schooling is important, so it’s something that I want do.

It’s hard to understand, I think, that we will be living here for another couple years, and possibly somewhere else. We are so glad that we are not living this life alone, but have God, the creator of the world, guiding us. The World is a scary place and it is not getting any better. America will not last forever, but what a hope we have in Christ Jesus. And to be able understand what will happen in the end of the World with the followers of Christ, is something that keeps you going every day! Praise the Lord that He has not abandoned us and has everything figure out!


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November 17, 2012 · 1:08 am

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