As I still watch and read more about the situation that is going on with Harvest ministry’s, I have a more deeper concern about the people that make up the church. With things that James MacDonald has said, it would make me very suspicious of what is really going on. There has been so many past members that have spoken against what was going on but it fell on def ears. Do I think that there was a lot of pressure to the point that James was forced to come clean, instead of wanting to come clean with everything? Well, it’s hard to not think that’s what happened. But even with coming clean, was it really enough with all the damage that has really happen. It’s a lot deeper then what really meets the eye. It was more then just him gambling and causing a deep debt. There was a lot of sin that has taken place, not to just certain people, but to the whole of Harvest. There has been deceiving action that has happened, and the misuse of trust by James MacDonald. There is also a point that you have to consider very deeply. It was during the beginning of the 5G campaign where he was telling people how to give towards the campaign. You can read all about it at http://www.theelephantsdebt.com

Should there be more action then what was said this past Sunday? I do believe so, but really do the people of the church know the truth? The whole truth? I am interested in what the elephants debt response will be to this past Sunday confession of James MacDonald. Until then, think about our own lives.

Do we have accountability or are we living in darkness, hiding the truth from people that love us? I know I have to pick up some areas in my own life.


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