Thanksgiving in a Check-out line?

I look at the ads for this coming Thanksgiving, and I am not sure if I see a time where family gets together in the dining room, or if we should just plan to meet at the front of the Best Buy, Wal-mart, Target, or K-Mart store? Being from Canada, but living in America and being married to an American, this is nothing new for me, except maybe a date change. For Canadians our Black Friday is on Boxing day (which is the day after Christmas to all my non-Canadian friends). In the World today it does not matter what holiday or what day of the week it is, we should never assume that we will get that holiday off or that certain day off. Our World is a 24/7 365 days a year kind of world. I remember when I was younger, doing anything on Sunday was held up there with murder! Well, maybe not that extreme, but you get my point. Being a Christian or not, should this really surprise us, that our World that we live in would move this far, that even Christmas day is not guaranteed as a day off? The simple answer is no. So often when it comes to different events in the calendar we assume that things are going to be exactly the same as the year before, when really God promises us that the world will become worse and worse. People of the World could care less about holidays, and what days of the week are considered “holy”. All they care about is money, and what better way to make money then to be open on a day that everyone else might be closed!

So when it comes to you having to work on a holiday or that other people have to work, don’t freak out and start a petition or quit your job! This is the World we live in. And money is what people want, especially in these days.


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