James MacDonald

From everything that has been going on with James MacDonald there has been a confusion that has come up. And through this confusion it has also shown how far Christianity has gotten away from following the Bible when it comes to the workings of the bride of Christ, the church.

The confusion that has come up with James MacDonald is, people are starting to think that everything that has been said, done, or exposed, has been attacking his salvation. This has nothing to do with if MacDonald is still saved or not. This has everything to do with if he, James MacDonald, still qualify’s to be in the position of a pastor/elder, not if James will go to Heaven or not. With confessions from James himself, testimony’s from many others, and the fruit of decisions made by MacDonald, it is without question, he does not qualify to still be a pastor/elder.

There also seems to be no knowledge or little knowledge of the fact, if you become a pastor/elder, God has called you to a higher standard. Even though every Christian should be striving to this higher standard, which God has written for us through His Word, the Bible, what a pastor/elder should look like. And in James MacDonald’s case, he is an example of someone who does not look like a pastor/elder.

Yes, God does have a higher standard for pastors/elders in the church government, and I am personally happy for that! If there was not an explicit job description of a pastor/elder in the Bible, the church would be nowhere close to where it is now! It would be wild, to say the least!

If you are thinking that this is ridiculous or I am being legalistic, I understand why you would think that way. It is the norm of the Western church today. We have come from a very legalistic background of, you can’t do that, you can’t do this. But because of trying to get away from legalism, we have become unbalanced in the opposite direction of not calling sin, sin. We have also gotten away from the Biblical job description of a pastor, and are looking for someone who has a charismatic personality, who is good with words, visionary, who can make things happen, and the one man show type people who do everything so we don’t have to do anything or very little. Some of these might be good things, but in our churches today this has become what we look for, not what the Bible description says. Not what God looks for.

This would be a great time to pick up your Bible and read for yourself about what God says about church government. Check out 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus. Remember, it’s what God says, not what we think, like, or see, but what God says about how a pastor/elder should look and act like. With what is happening with MacDonald, it is not about his salvation, but about him still qualifying to be in the position of a pastor/elder.


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