Parents and Bible School

After spending a year of my life working for a Bible school recruiting teens to attend Bible school, I have come across some interesting but difficult reason why a lot of teens don’t go to Bible School.

This difficult reason is there parents. For some reason our Christian parents are becoming the biggest obstacle for teens to attend Bible school. It is not money, it is the parental unit responsible for the teen. I am not saying they are the reason all the time, but most of the time the teens I talked to were either scared of what there parents will do or say, or their parents were the reason they had decided not to go to Bible school all together. For Christian teens Bible school is not even an option among the top schools of the province or state, because their Christian parents, for the majority, think it is a waste of time and do not mention it as a option to begin with.

I can never understand Christian parents that are against Bible school. They are saying,

“I do not want them to study more about the Bible and the God that sent His only Son to die on the cross for them. I want them to study something that won’t matter in eternity anyway, because I want them to have the American dream, and with them going to Bible school, that will never happen.”

There are some parents that would die for there teens to attend at least one year of Bible school. There also is the proud parent excuse,

“I taught them everything they need about the Bible and God.”

Yes, you might of the been the very best Christian parents, but no you didn’t and you can’t. Growing up I had some of the godliest solid parents around, and yet I could of not learned what I learned at Bible school, under my parents, on my own, or under the Church. Sorry, but come back and live in reality, the reality of life. You do not spend hours on end studying Theology, like my Theology prof, or studying the Bible to prepare for Bible Survey, like my Bible survey teacher.

“But my teen can go do what they want after they get a degree in something that will provide for them.”

Parents if you are standing in the way of your teen attending Bible school, you have some serious self examination, because I personally would not want to be between the God I serve, and someone trying to learn more about Him. The chance that your teen is even thinking about going to a year of Bible school after 4 to 6 years of school is slim to none.

Bible school prepares you for the onslaught of the World. Our World is not getting better in anyway. We are getting worse every single day. When they walk into there dorm, and there roommate is a devout Muslim or Buddhist or even a Catholic, what then? Will the be able to defend there faith with the knowledge they gain from going to Sunday School, Church, and Youth Group? Will they be able to explain how Christianity is different and why it is the truth? To be honest, your teen was finished before they even got on campus.

Its not that going to college will make them walk away, but it’s the fact that we have poorly prepared our teens for life beyond the Youth Group. As parents, you send your teen off to battle without giving him anything to battle with! It’s like playing in the NFL without any equipment. That’s suicide! But yet we send our teens onto spiritual “suicide” every year.

 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around                                                                                                                        like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter  5:8

So parents, are you the obstacle that stands between your teen going to Bible school? Are you even talking or thinking about it? Are you concerned what the World will or has thrown at them and there thinking?

So teens, are you listening to a parent that is for Bible school? Do you have a openness of learning more about God? Do you think this is something that would only help you in you future year of College? Maybe a true conversion needs to take place?

Are we preparing our teens to be apart of the Church, and be able to fight against what the World will throw at them? Or is Christianity an add on, where you pick and choose what you want?


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