The Invisible Christian Standard

Do you know there is a invisible unspoken Christian standard?

I am not talking about the standard in the Bible, but the standard that we Christians have made here in North America. If you do not belong to the standard you are either, to much of a “sinner” or you are too spiritual. There is  a certain standard that I think all Christians hold to in one way or another. Even myself, I find I start to despise people that might not be able to handle certain things or when they call me out on it. My first reaction is, who do they think they are? There are certain levels of profanity or sexuality or worldliness that you have to stay on to be able to be accepted in Christian circles. We, as Christians, will watch things that are on these levels, but as soon as a movie might not hit those levels, we tear it apart and label it cheesy! We justify so many things we watch that it almost makes, American Pie or Saw, seem like good family movies! Instead of justifying it, why don’t we just admit it? Oh because it might be sinful, and we might disappoint people.

Should sin really be a surprise to people, especially Christians? It is a surprise to many because we have this invisible unspoken Christian standard that we expect everyone that call’s themselves a Christian should hold to. What has happen to confessing our sins to one another? Each and everyone of us are capable to carry out what happened in Connecticut, if not worse. We think the Holocaust was bad, which it was, but to be honest, we are much more capable of doing worse, much worse. We have become naive in our “Christian” thinking. If we were to have a camera follow us around everyday, 24/7, we would really see how complacent, naive, and sinful we have really become. It makes you understand what famous people go through. We don’t have to worry about something we do be splattered across the next’s morning head lines. We so easily become righteous, when someone else’s sin is exposed.

People in the Christian world expect you to be the same, as when you left. You go away to college or a couple years, faithfully learning more about God and growing in your relationship with Christ, but yet people still expect you to be the same person as when you left. And when they find out you are not the same person, they become dissatisfied or distant.

What are these Christian standards? Take a look around your life and examine what people describe as good, fun, interesting, or what they just can’t miss! Then, you will find that standard. Not God’s standard, but sadly, the “Christian” standard.





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