American Christianity: All about me and the Bible on the floor

Through out my life in the Church, I have been involved with music. I was part of the music team, or I was singing with the congregation. Most people would be able to relate with this because if you go to church, you take part in singing with the congregation every Sunday morning. I love being able to praise and worship God through music, especially playing bass guitar on the music team. But are we singing more about ourselves? To be honest, more and more of the top “worship” songs that come out seem to be more focused on me, myself, and I. If we are singing songs in a congregation setting, shouldn’t it be more about us, and we? Even, less about us would be a good step to take! Some songs don’t even mention God by name! I know America is defined by individualism, but this is an area that we are letting it slip into our churches and subtle into how we think about Christianity in general. Is this a major issue? It could become that. But for now, it’s just something that has become accepted into our Christian world. But have we lost community thinking in our churches? Year by year there has been a slow decay of this thinking to the point where I believe, it has become a foreign and almost look down upon thought.

There is a solution! I know of a Church that is aware of this issue, and has been substituting individualistic words with community words such as “we” and “us”. This could possibly be the best way of changing people’s mind about community. Company’s do it all the time, and it works all the time. What other ways would we be able to change our thinking to a more of community thinking?

What do you think about placing the Bible on the floor? For some reason every time I see a Bible on the floor, it erks me in a way that I never feel with anything else. Could this be a possible be description of the church in North America today?

If the church is supposed to be a place of community, what is subtle coming into your church to spread more of an individualistic thinking?

Does the “Bible on the floor” description describe the way you and I treat the Word of God?


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