Book Review: Pastoring with Elders by Kevin Mahon

I was fortunate enough to get this book for Christmas this year. Pastor Kevin Mahon has been my family’s pastor for as long as I can remember. My Dad is a an elder at People’s Church in Wyoming, Ontario. Ever since I can remember our family has been active at People’s Church. I know Pastor Mahon personally, and have heard him preach for many years.

I could not put this book down as it was a short read but also one that kept you reading more and more. You can easily read this book in 2 hours, and gain a lifetime of wisdom through it, not only for the pastor, but also for us who sit in the pews.


It was real and that is what I liked about it! It called a spade a spade, and get’s us back to the Biblical understanding of what a Pastor/Shepherd/Elder should be doing. It get’s right to the heart of what is wrong with our pastor run churches. It encourages both the laymen and the pastor, but also rebukes the laymen and the pastor at the same time. It makes pastors re-think there pastoral role in the church, and it makes the laymen think about things he never has thought about. Yes, this book was written for the pastor, but I would encourage anyone that attends church to read it. It clearly points out the real issues in why our churches at large are in trouble.

Through the Word of God and the re-establishing of what a Pastor/Elder main responsibility is, you will learn that the main problem with our churches today is that our pastor or our pastors are really too BUSY to do what they were called to do in the first place! Pastor today have barely anytime for study and prayer, and when it comes to Sunday there messages are Spiritless,watered down, and more about themselves then about God. Biblically, churches were not lead by one person, but by a group of men called Elders. Mahon brings up many good points as to why pastors have become a one man show. This book fly’s in the face of what our culture church says a “senior” pastor should be doing. He also shows how important it is to have a Biblically functioning elders, not just warm body’s to fill a spot on the board. He teaches us, in the pew, that pastors should not run the show, and that we as a church should be stepping up in different areas of the church. Mahon show us that changes do not just happen over night, but gives the pastor a five year plan to be able to work with over time. It helps the pastor to start thinking about what the true meaning about being pastor is. He helps us realize pastors are making there living from the Gospel, and nothing else. Pastors need help, even if they realize it or not.

The church is full of places to serve, but are we letting the pastor do all the work? Are we paying our pastors what they should be paid or is the heat bill more important? If you think about what your pastor does, does it take away from him being able to spend time studying and praying?
Should the pastor really be on every committee, at every event, shoveling the sidewalks, changing the sign, deciding who gets the keys or not, and engaging in conflict resolution between church members?

I would encourage you to take a read and find out for yourself.

Pastoring with Elders is Available on Amazon!


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