Cyprus; Chicago; Soccer

Today, I was following events that are taking place throughout the world. Three different events stood out and made me realize, even clearer, our word is not getting better but is getting worse.


The first story that caught my attention is with what is going on in the country of Cyprus. The wait is still on for the deciding vote on what many people are calling the “Great Theft of Cyprus.” If approved the government will be able to tax all bank accounts between 6.4% to 9.9%, depending on how much money they have in them. This is straight up government theft of money from its own people. With this news, there has been a run on banks and protesting in the streets. Banks in Cyprus are now closed till Thursday when the deciding vote has taken place. I never thought in my lifetime that this would happen. But if it can possibly happen in Cyprus, what is stopping it from happening elsewhere?
*Cyprus has voted down this tax levy they were hoping to pass. It was shot down very quickly when it came to vote. But New Zealand now faces the same thing. Could it happen in America?


The second event that caught my eye has to do with a bill that the Illinois Senate is looking at passing. A petition has been started in opposition of this bill. This was taken directly from the petition itself: “Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein is trying to pass a bill whereas if you have an unpaid utility bill in the City of Chicago, they can boot your car. If your car is booted you have 24 hours to pay the unpaid utility bill and boot fee otherwise your car will be towed and impounded. Once that happens you have 21 days to pay the entire utility bill, the boot fee, the tow fee and storage fee otherwise your car will be auctioned off.” At first I was like it makes sense that they should be able to do this to people not paying there bills. But after I was able to process it for a while I came to realize that this has nothing to do with people paying utility bills on time, but everything to do with the government making money. Not only are the utilities in the city of Chicago privatized, but why is the government taking on the position of “repo man”? How does the government have the power to take your car away if you are not paying a privatized business utility bill? To find out more about this please check out this website:


The third has to do with AEK Athens’ soccer player, Giorgos Katidis, who after scoring the game winning goal, celebrated by doing a NAZI-like salute to the crowd. Because of this action he has now been banned from playing soccer internationally for Greece for the rest of his life, and has meetings with Greece league officials to decide if he is able to play professionally as well. The 20 year old confessed that he did not know what it meant when he did it. Taking to twitter he said, “I’m not a racist — no way. I hate fascism. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it meant something like that. I know the consequences.” I understand that the Holocaust was a terrible event, and also 300,000 Grecian died. But to really think that he was doing it because he is a NAZI and believes everything that Hitler held to, you begin to assume to much. Even though he did do the salute, it would help if he actually did it right in the first place. We also have to realize that he did not start a NAZI uprising because of a motion he did with his left arm. If you were to go around and ask people from his generation (mine too), you will find a lot of people don’t understand what it means. The Holocaust did happen about 70 years ago, and not a lot of people my age have studied it, let alone, understand raising your left hand and pointing with all your fingers is a NAZI salute. So to ban him from playing professionally is extreme, and in a way cutting in on a person’s human rights of freedom of expression.

Today, I have been constantly reminded that the world is not going to get better. We know this because of what God’s Word says about the world. As Christians, we do have a hope and a peace that one day we will not be in this world anymore. The more I read and follow the events that are happening in the world, I need to make sure that I am holding on to the Word of God strongly.

Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand;do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:5-7


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