Easter Reflection

Giving up some vanity here on earth is a mere speck in what Christ gave up, to end up here on this sin saturated sphere.

We wave palm branches with the same excitement and energy that will be used five days later to hand a guiltless man a sentence of death.

The sentence to death on the cross is given, as we mold Him into a figure of death with beatings, floggings, and whippings.

All we can do in His defense is wash our hands clean and deny following him.

Not once, not twice, but three times before the rooster crows to awaken the masses.

The masses watch and hurl insults as a man, too beaten to identify, carries our death on His back.

Laid on His back, sounds of metal clash together as He is pierced through hands and feet.

 For surely this man was the Son of God, as Christ exclaims, “it is finished!”

It is finished was not enough, as they pierced Him through his side, making sure death was certain, but also taking part in fulfilling prophecy.

They pleaded for the body and laid His body in a rich man’s tomb.

Laying, His body was there three days until it was time.

Time to rise and defeat death!

Victoriously appearing before His followers!

Showing off that death could not hold Him!

Triumphantly returning to heaven to one day return to take us with Him!


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