World War Z Review (spoiler alert)

When I went to watch World War Z, I was not thinking I was going to write a review about it but I couldn’t resist. It was the first movie that I remember being so excited for. Leading up to watching WWZ, it was the first time I had watched all the trailers and at least one trailer for five days straight leading up to my viewing. I have seen a handful of zombie movies: Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, I am Legend, Zombieland,  and an all time favorite Pontypool. But out of all them World War Z was different. It was so different that even my wife liked it!

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Out of all those movies I mentioned above I would not suggest seeing them and I would probably not see them again, except for I am Legend. But World War Z, according to my wife was “the most family friendly zombie movie I have ever seen.” I agree wholeheartedly.  World War Z had barely any language. There was no F-bombs dropped. There was no usage of Jesus Christ, but a couple of times God was said.  I believe there was only 5 to 10 swears in the whole movie. Compared to most zombie movies, this is really low on the swear count. There was no major gore but what I mean by that is zombies were not eating each other and people were not getting ripped apart with body parts all over the place. There are really only two major scenes of gore but limited visibility of the actual wounds are seen in the movie. There was no sex or nudity in the movie at all. Brad Pitt does have a family in it, but they are mostly in a safe place 90% of the movie.

My wife who hates scary movies, loved this movie and would watch it again. A funny thing in the movie is the three countries they refer to the most: America, Canada, and Israel. America was taken over quickly by zombies. Israel (God’s chosen people who He still has a plan for and the church hasn’t replaced) was the most fortified place and knew about the zombies a week before anyone else took action. And because Canadians are the nicest people in the world, Canada was the location of the safe place. I am Canadian and I thought that was nice and I apologize to anyone who is offended.

Remember, we all have different standards when it comes to movies. Please do not use this to justify going to see it even when your conviction is saying not to. Please do not come and blame me for your kids nightmares. Please look into the movie for yourself before viewing. Personally this movie will be an all time favorite of mine. I enjoyed this movie because it was clean and family friendly for a zombie movie.

What I probably will never understand though is, what is our fascination with zombies?


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