Book Review: Bible Savvy series by James Nicodem

The Bible Savvy series is a great tool to develop your Bible study method. This four books series is an easy read and good for all ages. The first book deals with the entire story line of the Bible. It helps the reader understand what the main message of the Bible is. Trying to figure it all out can be difficult and confusing at times, but the first book “Epic” helps you easily understand the purpose of the Bible. The second book “Foundation” helps the read or anyone skeptical of the Bible, understand that Bible is true and reliable. Foundation hits on major topics including Inspiration, how the Bible was put together, and how we were given the Bible, revelation. The third book “Context” is exactly what the title of the book is all about, context! Context is the most important thing that we need today in a world of people that want to make the Bible say whatever they want it to say. Nicodem runs through how to find the context of scripture through understanding the historical setting, literary setting, theological setting, and the immediate setting. The fourth book “Walk” helps us understand how to apply the Bible to our lives, and live a life that is pleasing and honoring to God. Nicodem offers a structured way to apply scripture to our every day life. This is a great little set that I would encourage anyone to have. It makes think a lot more simpler and easier to understand.

BibleSavvySetI was given this Bible Savvy series by Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review.


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