Book Review: Hitler’s Cross by Erwin Lutzer

I am not able to properly describe everything that is in this book. From the beginning, I would encourage anyone to get a hold of this book and understand what happens when churches or Christians stay quiet. Hitler’s Cross is an excellent book that is written by someone who is very studied in this part of history. Lutzer sheds light on how Hitler came to power and how the church bent the knee to follow what he said.


The beginning of the book deals with how Hitler came to power. It reveals that Hitler was very much involved with satanic practices and thought it was destiny for him to be able to rise to power. Hitler was very charming and caring when he appeared before the public. He was so charming that many people of the church and many others followed and believed in Hitler. But behind all the public speeches and cries for reform, Hitler was very much a man given over to Satan. Because of Hitlers charm, many people were deceived into following him. But soon they would realize they had only one choice: follow Hitlers commands or die. Slowly over time peoples freedoms and rights were take away from them, exactly how it is happening here in the United States. Lutzer does go into that in much more detail in his book.

When Hitler came to power there was a war between two crosses. Hitler’s cross and the cross of Jesus Christ. Churches failed miserably during this time as the cross of Jesus Christ was exchanged for the cross of Hitler. Lutzer gives a wake up call in this book! Lutzer gives us an insight into what happened with the church in Germany. Also he shows us that the freedoms and rights that american people are giving up is exactly what happened in Germany before the Church was totally taken over.

“With a few exceptions, the German church looked away while Hitler implemented the Final Solution to his Jewish problem. Hitler’s Cross provides an intriguing expose of modern America’s own hidden crosses and a chilling historical account of what ensues when the rise of evil is met with the blindness or confusion of a silent, shrinking church.”

I believe my review is not sufficient. I would encourage anyone to find a copy and read for themselves the warnings that Lutzer lays out before the church and how we cannot remain silent.

I was given this book by Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review.




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