Kevin Smit OFSAA Cross Country Championship: Sudbury, Ontario

Kevin Smit is a friend of the family and is a high school cross country runner. Kevin lives in Plympton Wyoming, Ontario, Canada and also has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Kevin has won both qualifiers to get to the Championship as he is competing in the para-athlete division. This event will take place Saturday November 2 on the beautiful campus of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. OFSAA is the provincial finals, which is similar to the State final.


But Kevin needs our help financially! It’s about a 7 hour trip to Sudbary and he will also be staying in a hotel, needing meals etc.

If you would like to get behind Kevin financially please visit

“Kevin is looking forward this upcoming weekend to participating in a cross country championship (para-athlete division) in Sudbury, Ontario.He will be competing against students from across Ontario. He has earned this privilege after placing first both in the Lambton/Kent and South Western Ontario divisions. He is very excited about this opportunity and would like to ask your help to cover some of his costs associated with travel/lodging/food. If you would like to do so, you can use this fund raising page that we have created. Kevin thanks you and hopefully will be able to share some great results upon coming home!”


Check out for more details



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