Rob Bell

Rob Bell is many things. He is an author, public speaker, and by some he is known as a “pastor” or “theologian.” In my generation he is very popular as even the American media hailed him as one of “evangelical” leaders of our time. He is passionate and ask tough questions! But a lot of these questions don’t come with any answers. His theology is like trying to nail jello to the wall. Until now, I really didn’t understand what Rob Bell specifically believed, but I knew he had very questionable beliefs that flew in the face of orthodox Christianity.

Rob Bell in a recent interview with Oprah explicitly shows us why he is a false teacher and that he is doing more damage then good. Rob Bell is not an “evangelical” leader of our day because he stands in opposition of Biblical evangelical beliefs. Bell beliefs seem to line up with Universalism and maybe some other popular religious beliefs. Rob Bell is dangerous and I would classify him as a false teacher and even more explicitly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is no “pastor” or “theologian.”

Some quotes from his interview with Oprah:

Oprah: What is the soul?
Bell: It’s the thing that keeps telling you there’s more.

Oprah: Your definition of God?
Bell: Like a song you hear in another room, and you think, “wow, that sounds beautiful but I can only hear a little bit.”

Oprah: What does prayer mean to you?
Bell: Prayer to me is usually one word, which is, “Yes. I’m open. What’s next?” That’s what it is.

Oprah: What’s the lesson that’s taken you longest to learn?
Bell: There’s nothing to prove … All that’s left to do is enjoy.

Oprah: What do you know for sure?
Bell: That you can say “yes” to this moment, and you can experience a joy that can’t be put into words.

Oprah: The world needs…
Bell: … All of us to wake up.

Oprah: I believe…
Bell: … That we’re all going to be fine.

The interview between Oprah and Rob Bell:


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