Claim: God is unjust because some who go to hell never had a chance to hear or understand the gospel.

The trouble with this charge is that it is based on a faulty presupposition. Since it claims that God is unfair in setting things up in the way that He has, it presupposes that God was somehow obligated to set it up so as to give each person the opportunity to be saved. But it is just wrong to think that God owes us salvation or even that He owes us a shot at it . Since salvation is an utterly unmerited gift, we can think of the situation along the lines of the following analogy. A rich philanthropist visits a homeless shelter. This philanthropist walks around a bit and then picks out three individuals and tells them that he will gladly buy them the house of their choosing. And away they go. Now those who were not picked might be saddened by the fact that they were not among those selected. But it would be sheer folly for any of these to claim that the philanthropist acted unfairly. He wasn’t obligated to house any of them. He certainly cannot be faulted for not housing all of them. Likewise, God owes non of his fallen creatures salvation. And thus He cannot be criticized as somehow unfair for failing to save all of them, or even for failing to offer all of them an equal shot at salvation.

Michael J. Murray- Heaven and Hell.


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