It can come quickly.

Without warning.

It is not predictable like the weather, but it comes as strong as a hurricane.

Quickly it fills my thoughts.

I must stop it before it fills my being.

Taking me places I do not want to go but I do want to go.

It can bring a storm that can wipe me out.

Bringing me to my knees again.

The same old spot I have been too many times before.

It knows my name and it calls me it’s slave.

I don’t know what will set it off, but Lust is it’s name.

I forget to fight as my Sword is forgotten.

I missed the escape plan the Lord had planned and blew through the warning signs He had set up.

I cry out, “O Lord have mercy on me, a sinner, in whose name I take shelter in!

Forgive me my trespasses and let me not sin against You!

Renew my hope and kindle my Spirit with in me to keep far from my enemy, lust.

Let me lust after your Word and knowing You!”


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