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Wyoming church does what it can to help family of Tim Bosma

Wyoming church does what it can to help family of Tim Bosma.

Tim Bosma was abducted and murdered while trying to sell his truck in Ontario, Canada. I personally do not understands what it would feel like to lose someone like this. I am praying for the family that this will only draw them closer to Jesus Christ.


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Busy times

I hope to be able to blog a bit more during the summer! Right now I am in my last week of class and then I have finals and then summer school! At the same time I am also reviewing two books right now. I hope to be able to get those reviews out by the end of next week.
If you looking for some good stuff to follow, please check out the undercover videos that pro-life groups are doing at abortion clinics. Also, gun control is not something that has disappeared. Gun control is on a decline but Obama is now looking for nuns and pastors to support gun control. There was someone who made this appeal about 70 years ago and his name was Adolf Hitler. The last thing the churches need to be doing is getting involved with political agendas.

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